The Outsiders PDF (192 Pages) Free Download | The Outsiders E-book PDF Original• 2022

The Outsiders PDF (192 Pages) Free Download, The Outsiders E-book PDF Original• 2022

Hello dear readers, Warmly welcome to this website. Today we are here providing you a great novel that is known as the Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton. 

Here we are giving the link of the outsiders PDF file that you you could easily download the outsiders PDF ebook file. the outsiders book is an amazing novel book that was published in 1967 by vikking press and writer of this book is S.E Hinton, 

who had started to write- the outsider book at the age of 15. thats really an amazing and great talk. hey dear readers. here, in this article outsiders book PDF link is given at the bottom of article. so you can download it easily.

About The Outsiders PDF File

The Outsiders PDF Book Details

Book Name-

The outsiders


S.E. Hinton

Cover Artist-

Robert Hunt



Book Type-


Total Pages-


Tatal Chapters-

12 (Twelve)

Book Format-

PDF & Google Docs

PDF Size-

418 Kb


United States

Download The Outsiders Original Book PDF Freely

Hey dear readers, Before downloading the great novel- The outsiders PDF, here some of the most frequently asked questions are answerd about the outsiders PDF or related to the outsiders book and characters, writer etc. 

so you should know more about the outsider novel book and easily at the bottom of this article, is given the link of outsider PDF. that you can download easily. 

So increase your knowledge, get more and know the greatness of the outsiders novel book that was written by Hilton at the small age.

The Outsiders PDF (192 Pages) Free Download | The Outsiders E-book PDF Original• 2022

Question- Who is the author of the outsiders- full name?

Answer- The full name of the writer of the outsiders novel is Susan Eloice Hinton and the name is known- by her pen S.E. Hinton

Question- How many pages is The Outsiders book?

Answer- All total- The Outsiders book Or The Outsiders PDF has 192 pages. Overall The outsiders Book has 12 chapters.

Question- Is The Outsiders a true story?

Answer- The outsiders story is based on real life in high school Playing of some boys.

Question- What is the main message of The Outsiders?

Answer- The main message of the outsiders novel is self realization Vs group Realization. message of the outsiders is also Connecting the gap among rich and poor people. 

If you read this great novel. that's really amazing. therefore it is very famous Novel in the world or United States. 

Question- How old is Two-Bit in The Outsiders?

Answer- Two bit is the oldest of this gang in it. he is 18 years old. Two Bit is known also as Keith.

Question- Is Hinton still alive?

Answer- Yes, hinton is still living. S.E. Hinton (Author Of The Outsiders) was born in 1948 at Oklahoma, United States. Currently Hinton is 73.

Question- How long does it take to read The Outsiders SE Hinton?

Answer- According to readers, for reading the outsiders book, it needs at least 3 hours or more because it's a big novel book.

Question- How many seasons does The Outsiders have?

Answer- The outsider Book has 12 sessions or we can say it has 12 chapters in this great the outsiders and on the outsiders novel, there is also one movie, launched with the same title is available.

The Outsiders PDF E-Book Download Link

Here is the direct link for downloading the outsider PDF with one click, you can easily download this PDF on your device. so let's download the Outsiders PDF. here is the download link. Click Below to Download

  • The Outsiders chapter 1 summary

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