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It's here about us:  sanskritexam.com

This websites blog is totally created for the Sanskrit language.. Specially for learning Sanskrit and for all Sanskrit exams.as cundected by many universities. This site helps those who are learners.

It's here - purpose or aim of this blog website -- learning Sanskrit... And preparing For all Sanskrit related exams....such as- UGC NET SANSKRIT, REET SANSKRIT, UPTET SANSKRIT etc.

It offers new ways to learn Sanskrit language
And helps to the learners ..who are interested in learning Sanskrit language... And our ancient tradition, spiritual.  More this blog site helps those who are preparing for many exams in Sanskrit language.. As ugc net exam. ugc net sanskrit exam. M.a , B.a, B.ed, PhD etc..

sanskritexam.com  Offers new ways to know our vedic culture. To know our epics stories etc.

Surly ,All the students, learners and who are preparing for B.a , M.a , PhD, etc. get a new way for preparing and learning here.

If you have any query , doubts, question regarding our  site or advertisement...or anything else. Then..contact us...

About me - it's here Mr Sandeep Kothari...UTTARAKHAND GOLD MEDALIST (in the field of sanskrit language)  Central Sanskrit university, new Delhi, India. 
For more information contact us..

Email - Bharadwajsandeep072@gmail.com
Twitter - @Msandeepkotharihttps:
YouTube- Mr Sandeep Kothari/ वन्दे संस्कृतमातरम्

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