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Privacy policies of  Our blog/Website:

Website policies-  our this site (blog) as created with blogger  https//  is totally created for all exams and learning...and the main policy of our site is - that all the visitors should follow our site's rules as mentioned.As..favorable comment etc...and our site Is as for learning Sanskrit and all the exams  Related to Sanskrit language .therefore all the visitors are requested that all the primary policies as comment etc, should be followed.  And here in our website blog everything we collect with hard work and present here. So we beg that - follow all Google policies as well. if you have any kinds od doubt or question regarding  Google advertisements or our site. then directly any time contact us with our email, twitter, instagram etc. As  --

E-mail -

Log Files-

This is our website blog which always uses and follow very good log files. This site as follows very well about log files as there are considered. Such as  Many information that relates to log files such as browsers, IP addresses etc.

It's here our website follow all kinds of rules and policies as relates to Google. Or anything as browser, log files etc.

Internet / Web Cookies-

This website uses web cookies such as all other sites use it. so. by these cookies this can store all the material as. server to our website pages, information customizing etc.  As visitors like or their needs . Etc..

Advertisement (google ads) & Cookies- 

Our website (blog) and we are here request that follow all google policies as about advertisement, Google ads etc. Don't do invalid click on ads. As we know Google for our website is a famous part that we use and also Google uses it as. dart cookies to serve ads. So follow policies of ads who visit on our site.
Google AdSense policies should be followed and all the visitors can check out easily these policies on..Google policy's site as Google ads policies, Google policies etc. hence we request that follow the Google policies. And , do not click as invalid click - on Google ads.Follow all the privacy policies, and Google policies.

Third Party services & Privacy Policies-

First, we do not allow to other sites as here websites policies they must not copy. These policies are not for any others. And one more thet our website policies are here it's own with itself so follow our policies. hence you are humbly requested to follow everything. for other or further details as about third party cookies, policies. You may get all the informations of these privacy policies by searching on google as their policies as on google chrome or any others you can find or search-- what are the cookies? What are the google policies etc.
So finally we beg that follow all the policies.

Children's Policies-

We created our this website blog for all exams belongs to sanskrit and is absolutely created for learning and for all the exams. And for children we don't allow to those who are under 12. This is our main policy about children. Protect your children from using sites. Because under 12/13 children are not able to use this.and this is not for those and one more that we don't collect any kinds of information from anybody as children or anyone this blog website does not take any information from children and any others.
In any case if you have any query regarding children policies or any other. Then directly you are free to contact us as we mentioned..on mail.

Email -

Terms & Conditions -

Kindly, We beg or request that Follow our policies & terms and conditions etc. if in any case there are unnecessary comments or spam types of anything or other activities then we are not responsive for that. Hence follow the policies As well as site policies and Google policy etc.

All Rights Reserved
        We hope that you will use our website in the right way. In any case regarding advertisement or our site then you are here directly free for 24 hours. you can contact us. By mail , twitter, Instagram, telegram etc --



                 Thanks to the visitors
                       & Google team

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